LaViv Emergency Medicine works with numerous local and international clients to improve the standard of emergency medical care in their communities, by offering consulting, and practical planning, supply and management services for EMS systems, and the setup of new medical centers and simulation rooms. What sets LaViv apart is the company's ability to manage all aspects of the creation, setup, and supply of large scale projects. Everything is managed from A – Z to ensure that the projects we launch continue to grow and run efficiently.

Simulation Centers

Centers are versatile,and have many potential uses:

  • Simulation centers offer a safe space for medical staff to gain procedural experience
  • They serve as hands on classrooms and teaching venues for learning and testing
  • The space is also an ideal platform for the testing, sales and exposure of new products and technologies

Medical Practice Centers

Centers offer opportunities for hands-on experience in a number of medical fields:

  • ACLS
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology & Midwifery
  • Nursing Care & Procedures
  • NRP (neonatal care)
  • ATLS (Trauma)

*The simulation space is highly adaptable to suit the needs and purposes of the hospital where it is located, and can range in complexity and capability.

Advanced Training Centers

Teaching Centers are ideal venues for:

  • Training courses for hospital staff
  • Training for EMS staff and voluteers
  • Courses for military and security medics
  • Central testing center for medical students

*Centers can serve as central training center on behalf of international organizations such as AHA, TCCC, NAMET, and more.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems

LaViv works alongside the International Non-Profit Organization, the SSF, to establish advanced EMS systems in communities around the world. This work is subsidized in part by the SSF, and includes consulting, planning, equipment supply, on the ground setup, and training of staff.

This service includes:

  • Training of EMTs, volunteers, paramedics, and management teams
  • Supply and installation of equipment in motorcycles and ambulances
  • Implementation if a GPS-based system for managing emergency calls

Simulation Ambulances

Simulation ambulances were designed to offer medical, military, and security teams the chance to experience treating multi-casualty events in a realistic setting.

Ambulances are equipped with full ICU equipment, allowing for comprehensive procedural training, as well as technology to track the actions of first responders.

Disaster scenarios are created using special effects alongside advanced simulation manikins which exhibit lifelike injuries and vital signs.

Strategically placed cameras, within the ambulance, and from a bird's eye perspective, allow for in-depth debriefing at the end of each scenario.

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